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Frustrated with the chaos surrounding you?

Now that your kids are a little older...

Are you ready to create harmony in your home?

We are on a mission to determine the #1 Design Dilemma that busy moms face and we need your help.


We need to talk to as many mamas as possible and have set a goal to talk to at least 1 busy mom per day.


Whether you are ready to get started NOW, in 6 months, or 2 years...book your complimentary Discovery Call


This will help us gain a better understanding of what is frustrating you and you will learn what your options are. 


We can help you transform your space from a place that makes you feel anxious, to a place you never want to leave. 


Dream it

Do you have a dream for your home? Or do you need help envisioning one?


Craving a space that reflects you? Or just need it to be more functional?


It's time to make that change happen and live your dream.


Design It

Let your space tell your story! 


We'll design a space that suits your functional needs while embracing your style.


We'll use our design knowledge and experience to create a place that is perfect for YOU!


Love It

And once we are done, all you'll do is LOVE your space. 


You'll want to have those guests over that you've been avoiding.


You'll want to spend more time in your space with your loved ones and create new memories.

Why work with us?

Because we can relate to your chaos
as we have chaos in our homes too!!

Being a working mom of young children is not easy! But it is possible to incorporate functionality and style in your home while raising young children. So, being a busy mom herself, Kirsten can understand all you busy moms out there. And with our design knowledge and experience, we can help you create harmony for your home.


As our time is occupied with either work or kids, it's not practical to tear your whole house apart and put your life on pause. And trust us, Kirsten gets it more than anyone else. This is why, we encourage and specialize at doing one room at a time. This way you won't be dealing with tradesmen all over your house, you will be able to spread your budget out over a longer period of time and you'll be able to still use the majority of your home causing less of an inconvenience. Let's make the home of your dreams happen one room at a time.

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Why hire a designer?



What if we told you... We have access to products that are not available in retail stores, options that you may never see if you were going to do it by yourself.

And that's not all... We are also happy to share our designer discounts with our clients for various materials and products.

Additionally, we are able to recommend trusted contractors that ensure quality work. 

Here's what our happy clien​ts have said...

Kirsten was fantastic to provide all her expert advise on design elements in my home. She has a warm personality with a wonderful way of telling you what works and what doesn't work in your house. I would highly recommend her!

- Carolynn B.


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