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Studio (≤ 1000 sf) 
Condo (≤ 2000 sf) 
House (≤ 3000 sf)
Manor (≤ 4000 sf)
​ $300
Castle (> 4000 sf)
​ $350

Above mentioned charges are approximates based on the surface area covered for the floor plans.

Floor Plan Layouts

Need a floor plan for some renovations or to put your space on the real estate market? We extend our expertise and knowledge to design the floor plan layouts of your room, house, office or any space you'd like. 

All you need to do is schedule an appointment with us. We will make a visit to the space on the day of appointment to take notes and specifications to be able to draw your floor plan layout. 

Floorplan Layout 104-805 Holt Street_edi
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