Decorating and Styling

Does your home function well but feels dated? Is your furniture too old? Or you just want to spruce up the look of your space?

    Let me help you! 

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Wondering how I could benefit you?


I'll help you with selecting new furniture, accessories and artwork to change your space from "meh" to "wow". The process will involve me understanding your likes and dislikes so that the outcome is a reflection of YOU. I'll suggest and bring in products that I feel would fit right into your space and make it more YOURS. And then you could decide for yourself if you would like to keep or let go of the things, within 48 hours of install/placement. 

In addition, what if I told you... I have access to products that are not available in retail stores, options that you may never see if you were going to do it by yourself.

And that's not all... I am also happy to share my designer discounts with my clients for various materials and products.


How to get started?


Schedule either a Mini-Consult or a Design Consult depending on the scope and time that your project may need. If you feel unsure, just schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with me and I can walk you through the options and help you decide what is best for you.