Staging Consult

Our ultimate goal with our Staging Consultation and Services, is for you to sell your home as quickly as possible and for top dollar.

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  • for you to ask as many questions about staging your place as you'd like.

  • for us to give you as many staging ideas & suggestions as possible specific to your house.


What to Expect

Your Consult can take up-to 2 hours depending on the complexity and the needs of your home. (If the full 2 hours is not used, it is forfeited. Any amount of time over 2 hours is subject to our hourly rate billed to the nearest 15mins.)
We will discuss your objectives and what you hope to get out of the sale.
We will walk-through your house and determine the specific needs for each room. (please have a notepad to take notes along the way)

Topics for Discussion

Suggestions for paint colours.
Suggestions for surface materials, colours & placement for flooring, countertop, tile, etc. (generalized).
Selection of specific surface materials provided there are samples on site to choose from. 

(Note: Other than paint swatches, we do not carry samples with us.)
Suggestions for placement of furniture and accessories.
Suggestions for items to be removed, added or moved to another space.


'Home Staging Packette'

Staging Considerations worksheet

Staging Deep Clean checklist

Showings checklist

DI's Home Staging Experience & Process

DI's Pricing Schedule

Your Notes



Decorated is not responsible for incorrect paint colour matching from the colours that have been suggested. 
Decorated Interiors is not responsible for final product and colour choices, this is ultimately the choice of the client. 
Decorated Interiors is not responsible for the length of time it takes to sell your house.
Decorated Interiors is not responsible for the list price or closing price of your house.

Prior to commencement of your project, a retainer will be collected along with the signed 'Letter of Agreement'.