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Colour Consult

Duration: up to 1.5 Hours

Having trouble picking the right colour for your living room or your bedroom? Don't know which is that perfect colour for the exterior or the interior of your space? Want to pick the best colours that reflect a certain mood or a theme?

Let us help you and answer all of your questions regarding colours while we visit your house or office space. With our knowledge, experience and passion to keep up with trends, we will assist you in achieving the look you want.

What to Expect

Your Consult can take up to 1.5 hours.

If the full 1.5 hours is not used, it is forfeited. Any amount of time over 1.5 hours is subject to Kirsten's hourly rate of $100/hour billed to the nearest 15 mins.

  • We will discuss your objectives and what you hope to accomplish.

  • We will walk through your house and determine your basic needs, wants and desires for each room.

  • We will suggest paint colours for each room.

  • If there are more than 1 colour in a room, we'll give suggestions for which walls they should go on. 

Note: this process of selecting colours can sometimes be very quick and sometimes it can take time to ensure everything is pulled together beautifully.


Colour names and numbers (It is suggested to pick up a larger swatch or a sample pot to confirm that it is indeed the perfect colour.


 $200 + GST



  • Decorated Interior is not responsible for incorrect colour matching from the colours that have been suggested. 

  • Decorated Interiors is not responsible for the final colour choice, this is ultimately the choice of the client.


to suggest the best wall colours to coordinate with your homes' existing furniture and materials.

What to expect
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